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Results in Armenia
new jobs created
SMEs supported
* Results for 2020
Access to Finance
Where can I get finance?
The EU provides special loans to SMEs through local partner banks in Armenia.
Amount of loans up to 100 000 €
ACBA – Credit Agricole Bank CJSC
Amount of loans up to 390 000 €
Araratbank OJSC
Amount of loans up to 100 000 €
Inecobank CJSC
Amount of loans up to 300 000 €
SEF International Universal Credit Organization LTD
Amount of loans up to 100 000 €
Amount of loans up to 425 000 €
ArmSwissBank CJSC
Amount of loans up to 300 000 €
Ameriabank CJSC
Amount of loans up to 1 200 000 €
Armeconombank CJSC
Amount of loans up to 20 000 €
Converse Bank CJSC
Amount of loans up to 600 000 €
Business Development Services
  • Consultancy services
  • B2B activities
  • Trade Information
Information Support Centre for SMEs by EU4Business
The apricot is Armenia's most celebrated fruit, a cherished national symbol and key agricultural export for the country. Harvest starts in June, when trees across the region are bursting with lush and mellow fruit, and the month proves busy for all the companies involved in the supply chain.
The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict of 2020 has left an indelible mark on the people who lived through this tragedy. These people suffered from displacement, casualties, and uncertainty. It would have been even worse without the support of individuals and organizations that stand with them.
In the European Eastern Neighbourhood region, Armenia is one of the countries showing noticeable economic growth. However, since the Velvet revolution in 2018, and now with the current global pandemic, it has been a rough road for Armenian businesses.
Developing a business and penetrating new markets takes innovation and finding new partners abroad, and these should be key objectives for small- and medium-sized (SME) enterprises looking to gain strength.
The EU has several tools at its discretion to support SMEs within the framework of the Eastern Partnership, with a relatively recent addition being the Equity instrument, part of Access to Finance (A2F).
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