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On 7 June, a new EU-funded project promoting economic growth in Dilijan, in northern Armenia, was officially launched. 

The project ՛Enhancing private sector-led economic growth in Dilijan and adjacent communities՛ aims to stimulate business development and contribute to job creation in the Dilijan community through investing in hard and soft infrastructure. For example, an abandoned Soviet-era sewing factory will be transformed into an innovative space for businesses, entrepreneurs, and community services. 

The project will be implemented by Dilijan municipality and co-funded by the EU (€1 million) and the IDEA foundation.

‘’We hope that the refurbished ‘Kari Fabrika’’ will boost economic activity in Dilijan and in the region of Tavush by supporting the incubation and acceleration of regional small and medium businesses and making available much needed advisory and support services in a unique multi-functional space,’’ said Andrea Wiktorin, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia.

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