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With funding from the European Union under the EU4Business Initiative, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helped Bargavachogh Tsantser Ltd., a regional telecoms company in Armenia, to develop a strong corporate identity and improve its management effectiveness. 

The EBRD supported Bargavachogh Tsantser Ltd., a regional telecom service provider, in improving its performance through detailed local market research on branding and promotion, resulting in 36% increase in sales.

The Bank started working with Bargavachogh Tsantser in 2012. At the time, the company employed only 8 people but was already one of the leaders in the local market. It had been the only provider of cable TV services in the region since its establishment and held 80% of the local population as its clients. However, the newly opened service centre of a leading national telecom company forced Bargavachogh Tsantser’s management to come up with a new marketing strategy to maintain its market share.

Following a detailed analysis of the business’ needs, the EBRD connected the company with a local marketing consultant specialised in market research and in the full cycle of branding services.

The consultant:

  • Conducted detailed market research;
  • Analysed the company’s current positioning in the market;
  • Organised focus group meetings and conducted surveys to identify a brand name;
  • Developed a new corporate identity including logo and slogan/motto for the brand, based on the results of the research;
  • Developed a complete set of elements for stationery and promotional packages such as a letterhead, business cards, envelopes, flyers and posters.

The new ‘PrimeSystems’ brand along with the complete set of promotional materials increased awareness on the company and its activities, helping Bargavachogh Tsantser to better position itself in the market. This resulted in a 36% sales increase.

Moreover, a year later, the company built the first fibre-optic network in the region and thus the ‘PrimeSystems’ brand started to provide internet access to its customers. The new services required staff expansion and efficient performance management. Thus, the company contacted us once more in 2015 to assist them in the implementation of a Human Resources Management (HRM) system. The HRM consultant proposed to carry out promotional activities engaging and motivating the sales staff. This activity increased the quarterly turnover by 20% and staff productivity by 25%.

Total project value

€17 131

Client contribution

€7 131

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