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The mapping of all actors and issues as well as assessment of potential interventions and support activities in the sector of Culture and Creative Industry of Armenia with following 4 sub-sectors: Design, Film, Software and Games, Marketing & Advertisement.
Precision engineering (PE) has been declared as one of the 11 priority sectors for Armenian economy, which has a high development and export potential. Moreover, Precision engineering is one of the 3 priority industries which have strategic papers on development and support adopt...
The following presentation provides an introduction to the accumulated legislation, legal acts, and court decisions which constitute the body of European Union law, the EU Acquis Communautaire. Furthermore, it also refers to the main Free Trade Agreements as well as the...
This presentation aims at improving the reader's understanding of the current main EU legislation regulating foodstuffs - organisation of agricultural markets within the EU, technical and labelling requirements for producing and selling foodstuffs within the Union and packag...
An export checklist and presentation by the EU4Business East Invest project, explaining the importance of in-depth preparation for any SME considering expansion to export markets. The checklist aims to help entrepreneurs assess whether they are prepared for the international mark...

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