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Sustainable regional development in Armenia depends on overcoming the gap between the capital Yerevan and the marzes (regions) by providing young people with the skills they need to fuel local economic growth. The Digital Pomegranate, an IT company based in Gyumri, the country&rs...
As part of the EU4Business initiative, the European Union and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are developing the private sector in Armenia through advisory services and improved access to finance for local SMEs, provided through the SME Finance an...
At the end of 2018, the 5th Eastern Partnership Business Forum was held in Vienna. This annual event was a little different to the norm. In addition to the traditional panels discussing important areas of development, the annual meeting of the working group of an entirely new organisation was held at a European level.
Yana Pogosyan puts what people discuss at various training sessions and forums into graphics. She turns words into images, collecting “showpieces” for exhibition, making it easier to perceive information. So far, this method has not been widely used in Armenia, but, a...
With the help of EU4Business, an Armenian start-up has developed a new video game that it soon hopes to release in all European languages. Cyber Mantis Games developed its game, 'The Last Daredevil', inspired by the Armenian legend of David of Sassoun. The hack’n&...

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