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Offering a wide choice of traditional cuisine, a good combination of price and quality, with one of the largest delivery services in Armenia, the Karas Group’s business is based on an internationally-recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.
A distinctive natural environment like Armenian soil, plenty of sun and lots of fresh water combine to ensure the unique taste and healing qualities of whole leaf herbal teas that EDNA LLC gathers, processes, mixes and packages according to the highest Organic European standards....
The start-up ecosystem in landlocked Armenia generates high value companies in a country with highly intelligent human capital. The eSwap start-up with its enthusiastic team of Gyumrians, inhabitants of the second largest city of Armenia, provides a multi-channel ecommerce manage...
Information technologies (IT) are growing rapidly in Armenia. The country’s government announced IT as one of their priorities and recently decided to establish a Ministry of High Technologies. The Armenian government has also adopted laws according to which newly created I...
Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new phenomenon in Armenia. As recently as five or six years ago, few people knew about it. Despite the fact that there is still no legislation in place regulating it, social entrepreneurship is growing in Armenia. The non-governmental secto...

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