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One of the strongest chess nations today is a tiny country with well-known grandmasters such as Tigran Petrosian or “Iron Tigran” — Armenia. How Armenia does it is by keeping the best chess traditions through one of the most ambitious school chess programmes in the world.
The economic development of any country can be correlated to the equal development of its regions. Armenia is no exception. Once a gym and now a modern business centre, the Sevan Innovative Business Centre has already become a hub for new business ideas and initiatives in Sevan, a popular Armenian resort town located in the eastern province of Gegharkunik.
Art Lunch, an Armenian enterprise providing food, catering and hospitality services, has been able to move to e-marketing model that increased turnover by 78% and improved sales by 31% with EU4Business support through the EBRD’s Advice for Small Businesses programme.
Just a few years ago, 3D printing belonged more to industrial settings than to people’s homes. The rapid evolution of the field and the growth of the market mean that 3D printers are now available at affordable prices to consumers, so everyone can create their own kitchen utensils, toys and DIY tools.
The earliest known winery in the world, unearthed in a cave in Armenia, dates from about 6,100 years ago. One of the oldest modern-day enterprises in Armenia, Voskevaz Winery LLC, has been taking the best traditions of vintners beyond Armenia to new markets.

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