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The report was produced as part of the Supporting SME Competitiveness Reforms in the Eastern Partner countries programme, implemented by the OECD under the EU4Business initiative. It focuses on two relevant areas for the internationalisation of SMEs: connecting Armenian SMEs to global value chains in the agribusiness sector, and linking SMEs with multinational enterprises in the construction materials sector.

The OECD report finds that since 2014, the total value of exports of Armenian goods has been growing by roughly 15% per year, but export levels still lag behind the regional average for Eastern partner (EaP) countries. “The production and processing of higher-value products would help to diversify Armenia’s export basket and help local companies move up in global value chains,” the OECD recommends. 

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This report is prepared within the annual “EU-Azerbaijan Business Forum” funded by European Union since 2015. The forum aims to promote the economic cooperation between the EU and Azerbaijan.
Read the EU4Business Data Collection Methodology Brochure.
The purpose of this document is to set out guidance on the use of the EU4Business name, logo, and branding for EU partners delivering EU-funded projects and implementers through which EU support is delivered to SMEs. It should be read in conjunction with the EU4Business Brandbook...

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